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T Molding

Transitional moldings (or transition moldings or transition strips) are design elements used to span the gap between different types of flooring materials or to provide a smooth transition between different floor surfaces.

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Reducers are a transitional molding used to accommodate  height variations and flooring types in a single molding piece.  A surface reducer is sloped, gradually reducing the height difference between two floors.

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Stair Nosings

A stair nose (or bullnose) is a molding specifically designed for staircases. It’s used to cover the front edge of a stair tread and create a finished,  rounded appearance – as well as to protect the edge from wear and tear.

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BestTreads™ complete your stairs’ new look without the hassle or expense of a full staircase remodel. Our revolutionary new BestTread™ step tread lines are 1-piece, seamless and designed to make staircase upgrades quick and easy.

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Trim Molding

Trim moldings are installed at the meeting point of walls and the floor’s base to conceal any gaps. Common trim moldings include quarter round molding, which conceals the space between the baseboard and flooring.

Are your floors finished?

Perfect floors require perfect transitions.

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Stair Transitions

Can’t find the right finish? Reach out to us and we’ll create it exclusively for you! Our collection of exceptionally resilient PVC or MDF stair treads and nosings were designed for effortless installation and are available in the finish you want. 

surface reducers

Floor Transitions

Can’t find the finish you’re looking for? Peruse our selection of highly durable and easy-to-install MDF and PVC floor transitions, available in a variety of finishes to suit your needs.  Simply let us know, and we’ll customize it just for you!

Framerica™ offers an extensive array of transition molding solutions, making us your ultimate destination for achieving a flawless and cohesive flooring transition. Whether you’re in the midst of a home or office transformation or embarking on a new construction project, our comprehensive range of transition moldings will ensure that your floors exude elegance and continuity.

Pioneering excellence, Framerica™ proudly presents a diverse collection of premium transition moldings, meticulously crafted and engineered on American soil. Our commitment to quality shines through each meticulously designed piece, enhancing not only the visual appeal of your spaces but also their durability and practicality.

Transition moldings, also referred to as trim or edge moldings, stand as the essential connectors that bridge various flooring materials seamlessly. Safeguarding your transitions between rooms with differing floor heights, these moldings create a polished and secure passage. Framerica’s transition moldings expertly conceal gaps and shield edges, ensuring a hazard-free environment and mitigating the effects of everyday use.

Within our collection of transition moldings, you’ll find solutions for every flooring type imaginable – encompassing hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, carpet and more. Our selection includes an assortment of styles and finishes, ranging from T-moldings and reducer strips – to stair nose and quarter rounds and baseboard molding. These offerings are thoughtfully curated to seamlessly merge with your chosen flooring – guaranteeing a harmonious and consistent aesthetic that permeates every corner of your interior.

Infinite Molding Options

Framerica’s™ transition moldings were designed to elevate the aesthetics of all interiors. Do you need a contemporary, traditional or modern look? We offer so many custom finishes, colors and materials to finish your floor – perfectly.

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