Framerica produces moldings BestTreads™ reducers stair noses T moldings in laminate or vinyl

Transition Moldings

Because Every Step Matters

Framerica was founded in 1969 to enhance the lives and homes of as many people as possible. From a perfectly crafted picture frame, to a 5 piece cabinet door - to a humble floor surface reducer, we manufacture every moulding piece as if it's to be used in our own home.

About Framerica

Framerica’s founding beliefs that innovation, high-quality products and gracious customer service were the keys to relationship longevity and business success still prove themselves true to this day – 54 years later. We know we’ve been blessed with a ton of great customers, a lot of brilliant employees and, thankfully, a little touch of grace. We also know that a lot of picture framing companies have the same machines, the same processes and the same technology that we have. So, what makes Framerica different? We listened. We heard you. Then we acted. Our customers asked us for more responsible framing and moulding methods; newer, more desirable designs and finishes and we delivered on their requests while still maintaining a look that is undeniably Framerica. We were asked to explore newer, cleaner, more efficient technologies that, today, afford us the ability to create better, more affordable, fully customizable home decor styles and options for our great customers. We listened when those customers asked us to “find a better way”. We found that way – and then some. Our new, modern purpose-built manufacturing facilities, our just-in-time inventory model and our fully automated production methods affirm our commitment to deliver responsibility (and of course frames and moulding). We assure our customers that Framerica’s products and materials remain of the finest quality, they remain environmentally friendly, and they remain as enduring as ever while we respect our footprint with truly eco-friendly processes and practices that insure a 100-percent product yield. Some companies communicate by talking. We communicate by listening.

Witness our presence through captivating trade show displays, groundbreaking television commercials, engaging contests and clever marketing – all culminating in a celebration of our company’s exceptional excellence from top to bottom. Throughout our remarkable journey, one thing has remained constant – our unwavering commitment to core values. Even with modern facilities and expanding locations, we continue to hold onto our founding principles, embracing growth while staying true to our unwavering dedication.

For over five decades, our passion for customer success has remained our guiding light. The title bestowed on us of “America’s Favorite” fills us with immense pride and stands as a testament to our unyielding pursuit of excellence. Framerica is not just a company; it is a dynamic force that continues to leave an indelible imprint. We commemorate our extraordinary past, but we eagerly embrace the boundless possibilities of an even brighter future. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to every individual who has played a part in our journey: our cherished customers, invaluable partners, and, of course, our dedicated workforce. Join us in reflecting on our remarkable legacy while looking ahead with anticipation to the exciting chapters yet to unfold. 

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